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Poshmark is an in vogue style clothing and adornments online store. If you have at any point bought from them, you probably seen their noteworthy assortment of thousands of design items.

Be that as it may, if you didn’t care for anything you purchased from them and need to return it, at that point we are introducing Poshmark return policy in a straightforward article underneath. Appreciate.

Poshmark Return Policy


Return Process

The Poshmark return window is 3 days!

Definitely, we realize the window is little, so you must be brisk with your grumblings.

Keep in mind, Poshmark Return Policy doesn’t take into account a return if the item is of some unacceptable size, or if the thing was conveyed late or if you basically don’t need the thing any longer.

You can possibly expect a return if the on location depiction of the thing doesn’t coordinate with the thing got.

You should put forth a defense for your return to Poshmark inside 3 days of accepting the item through either application or web.


Return Poshmark Merchandise?

Returning something normally is exceptionally bothering and baffling, however that isn’t the situation with Poshmark. Here we depict that it is so natural to return any item to Poshmark.

Make sure to take sharp photos of your broken items to submit as evidence to Poshmark.

There are two different ways you could petition for a return at Poshmark


Return Via The App

  1. Open the Poshmark application and go to the Accounts tab.
  2. Select “My Purchases”.
  3. Select the request you need to return.
  4. At that point select “Issues/Order Inquiry”.
  5. At that point select “request Not as Described”.
  6. Select an explanation behind the return.
  7. Add photographs of the item got, that plainly shows your explanation behind returning and incorporate a point by point portrayal of the return.
  8. Hit Submit.


Return Via Poshmark Site

  1. Go to the Poshmark site and log in to your Account.
  2. Select your profile picture that will let a drop-down menu.
  3. Select “My Purchases”.
  4. Select the request you need to return.
  5. Presently, look down to choose Problems/Order Inquiry drop-down menu and select request Not as Described.
  6. Transfer clear photographs of your item that you need to return that portray the purpose behind returning. Likewise, incorporate a portrayal of your return.
  7. Hit Submit


Note – Take clear, sharp pictures of the issue area(s) of the item you need to return, utilize characteristic lighting if it’s a shading related issue. If it’s not too much trouble, likewise add pictures that show labels, chronic numbers, and different subtleties, like sewing and equipment.

When Poshmark has verification that the thing shipped off you is distorted, they will send you a prepaid return name. Utilizing that, you should transport the thing according to the location given in the return mark.

When they get their thing back, Poshmark will discount you in full, this will likewise incorporate delivery charges and expenses.

You can likewise present a defense for your return or some other issue here.


Return  For Different Poshmark Products

Product Product Condition Return Policy
Clothing Products should be in unaltered condition with their tags/labels on. 3 days of the return policy
Shoes A wrong size product is not under the return policy. 3 days of the return policy
Accessories Products shall only be entertained for a return if their on-site description disagrees with your purchase. 3 days of the return policy
Others Products shall only be entertained for a return if their on-site description disagrees with your purchase. 3 days of the return policy


Poshmark Refund Policy

At the point when you buy at Poshmark, they don’t deliver the installment to the vender except if the purchaser affirms that all is great with their got thing.

Keep in mind, you have 3 days to present your defense if you need a return from the day of the appearance of the item.

When Poshmark verifies your case for a return, they will send you a prepaid transportation mark, and afterward you will have 5 days to send the thing back to be qualified for a discount.


Issues Under Poshmark Refund Policy

Issue Number of days you should file for a refund Refund and Credit Policy
Undisclosed Damage 3 days from the arrival of your package Full refund
Incorrect or missing item 3 days from the arrival of your package Full refund
Item not as described 3 days from the arrival of your package Full refund
Item is not authentic 3 days from the arrival of your package Full refund

If there are no bad things to say inside 3 days of getting the item, Poshmark will deliver assets to the vender, and once a deal is affirmed, there will be no discounts.

If the got thing is of some unacceptable size, or if you adjust your perspective on the item or make an exchange disconnected, they won’t be answerable for a discount.


Poshmark Pandemic Update

You can in any case get and deliver bundles as indicated by the rules of W.H.O. what’s more, C.D.C.

Just non-clinical evaluation veils are permitted to be sold on Poshmark, clinical evaluation covers, for example, N-95 and hand-sanitizers are not allowed available to be purchased at their site.

If you can’t make it to your mail center, you can plan a free home pickup through USPS.

They are likewise expanding their delivery window from 7 days to 10 days for venders.

For more data identified with the continuous circumstance, check their blog here, or reach them at  [email protected].


FAQs About Poshmark

Q1. What is Poshmark Customer Support Number?

A1. There is no client care number, however you can get in touch with them here.

Q2. Does Poshmark pay for return delivering?

A2. Indeed, they do, whenever they have verified your case for a return, they will send you a prepaid transportation name. Your discount will incorporate all transportation and duties.

Q3. Could a dealer get defrauded on Poshmark?

A3. Indeed, it isn’t generally the situation, yet now and then it occurs. Check the full subtleties of a purchaser/vender and note down their contact subtleties. Check their thing portrayals, how point by point is it?

If you actually get off-base, quickly advise law authorization and Poshmark.



Did you realize that more than 50 million clients use Poshmark as their online design shop!

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Did you face any test while mentioning a return at Poshmark? If you did, kindly offer your involvement in us in the remarks segment underneath!

We encourage you to momentarily peruse Poshmark return policy before you make any buy.

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