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Adjusted your perspective in the wake of purchasing a products and now need to give it back? In any case, discover the data dissipated all finished and can’t discover what you are searching for?

Taking everything into account, by then here we outfit with you the complete information on the American Eagle Return Policy all at one spot. Experience it and let us know your points of view on it in the comments territory underneath.


American Eagle Return Policy

As indicated by the American Eagle Return Policy, in the event that you return the products inside 60 days, you are qualified for a full discount on the buy. Yet, interestingly, regardless of whether this period passes, you can even now return the products between 61 to 90 days and get store acknowledgment for the return.

Presently, it doesn’t make a difference in the event that you purchased the products on the web, by telephone or in the store. Their American Eagle Return Policy expresses that you can generally return or trade them at any AEO, Aerie, AEO Factory or Tailgate store that is in the United States of America.

American Eagle Return Policy


Refund and Exchange Process in the US

We will currently talk about how to precisely return a products purchased from American Eagle Return Policy. In the event that you are not happy with the products that you purchase from that point, we will here show you bit by bit how it is finished.


Ways to Return a Items

How might I return the Product that I buy from American Eagle?

The American Eagle Return Policy communicates that you can essentially return a products to American Eagle in two distinct ways. You can return it either in their store or return it by transportation it back through mail. You can return products that you bought from or in-store to their store, yet not the opposite way around. By and by you should return their products inside 60 days from the purchase/transport for a full rebate. In the event that the period gets over, American Eagle Return Policy  you can in any case return it inside the 61 to 90 days time span and get store acknowledgment for it. It stays as before as Sears.


Return Via Mail

In the event that you got the request via mail, it is truly simple to send them back. Simply follow the accompanying basic advances:

  1. Put the products in a tough box and solidly seal it. In the event that conceivable, utilize the first bundling. Cover all the marks on it aside from the transportation name. You can print your free delivery name here.
  2. Make certain to adhere the name to the biggest side of the bundle. Try not to roll out any improvements to the mark.
  3. You will at that point need to show the products that you are returning and furthermore the explanation of American Eagle Return Policy which has provoked you to return the products. Notice the entirety of this on the receipt.
  4. You would then have the option to pick a mail carrier, pay for the postage and a short time later send it to the location underneath


American Eagle Outfitters

Consideration: Returns Department

Retail Distribution West LLC

1301 N. Davis Avenue

Ottawa, KS 66067


Return it In Store

You can return your Product in store just as online buy to the American Eagle Return Policy Outfitters store for nothing.

Returning the products in the store is very Easy. Simply follow the Rules composed Below:

  1. Find the closest store close to you.
  2. Go to their Customer Support Desk(CSD) or reach them at 1-888-232-4535.
  3. You would then be able to return your products there alongside its unique packaging(if conceivable) and the receipt.
  4. The credit to your record will presumably show up inside 1-2 charging articulations.




  • For trading or returning items bought online at an American Eagle Store, you should take the receipt with your request and the charge card that was utilized at the hour of the first buy. The receipt will serve the part of a receipt. As indicated by the American Eagle Return Policy, If you don’t have a receipt, the current cost of the thing will be credited to you by American Eagle Return Policy as its gift voucher.
  • The transportation cost is non-refundable


American Eagle Response In Pandemic

Because of Covid, it has been hard to keep the stores open so American eagle made the move to shut it down and the circumstance settled only a smidgen. They are as yet examining the best an ideal opportunity to resume. Despite the fact that they will open it with essential safety measures like temperature check and covers and social removing, likewise open them at a moderate rate.


American Eagle Exchange Policy

To trade the products that you purchased from American Eagle Return Policy, you would first be able to print the trade structure from the Track Order page. When you discover your request, you can tap on the “Get a Return Label” connection to begin.


  • You can’t handle trade demands for orders paid with money, PayPal or gift vouchers.


Refund and Exchange Process in Canada

Return Via Mail

If you need to return the things via mail, it is truly straightforward:

  1. Pack the item that you are returning in the principal squeezing if possible
  2. Show all the product that you are returning at American Eagle Return Policy exhibiting why you are returning on the receipt.
  3. Select any mail carrier to send the product.
  4. You will by then need to pay for the postage and thereafter send it on the embraced address:


American Eagle Outfitters

450 Courtneypark Drive West

Mississauga, ON L5W 1Y6


Return In-Store

  1. To return the product accessible, follow the underneath made advances:
  2. Go to the store and interface with the Customer Support Desk(CSD).
  3. Outfit them with the primary receipt and packaging(if possible).
  4. They will by then credit you in likely 1-2 charging enunciations.


  • The American Eagle Return Policy expresses that requests put in the store and returned to their conveyance place will all be handled in the United States Dollar, aside from the money and charge exchanges. They will be discounted in CAD however sent check.


Refund and Exchange Process In International

There are a portion of the various techniques by using which, any of the clients can without much of a stretch total their Refund and Exchange Process. in American Eagle Return Policy Which additionally coordinates with Anthropologie.

Return Via Mail

Follow the Steps to return your product via mail

  1. Pack all the things in the first bundling if conceivable.
  2. Show the explanation of your returning the product and the product that you are returning.
  3. Pay the postage subsequent to picking a mail transporter.
  4. Shipp to the location beneath:


American Eagle Outfitters

Attention: Returns Department

Retail Distribution West LLC

1301 N. Davis Avenue

Ottawa, KS 66067


  1. The delivery expenses of the returns are non-refundable.
  2. The C.O.D. returns are not acknowledged by American Eagle.
  3. You will be discounted in as long as 5 week from the day the bundle is sent.
  4. The credit will likely show up in your record inside 1-2 charging proclamations.
  5. As per the American Eagle Return Policy right now, trade orders are not accessible for global clients.
  6. In the event that you return your online request, the measure of the product may be discounted to you. Assessment, obligation expenses and delivery costs won’t be discounted to you.
  7. If you pay in a money other than the US Dollar, AE will give you an AE Gift Card in US Dollar for the discount sum.


Terms and Conditions for Returns

  1. won’t be mindful against erroneous asset move for returns emerging because of wrong contribution by the clients.
  2. You will be discounted just and just once the returned products arrives at the distribution center.
  3. You will be given the credit inside 2-3 business long stretches of American Eagle Return Policy accepting your products. The commencement of the prepaid asset will occur inside 2 working long stretches of them getting the item.
  4. Guarantee that the products is immovably fixed to keep away from harm on the way. American Eagle will assume no liability for the harm that happens on the way.
  5. You should utilize separate bundles for things from isolated requests.

American Eagle Refund Policy


FAQs At American Eagle Return Policy

What is the CSR number of American Eagle?

Its CSR number is 1-888-232-4535.

How to follow my request?

You can follow your request

Would I have the option to return an item that I bought online in their store?

Genuinely you can do accordingly.

In how long do I have to return the item?

You can return the products inside 60 days to get a full markdown. Even after that you can return it between 61-90 days and get store credit.


We believe that you got all the information on the American Eagle Return Policy that you were looking for at one spot itself.

You can visit our site for more return draws near. We have made return game plans on stores like Zappos,Dillards, and REI.

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